Award-Winning Glow Medi-Spa is Right at Home in Bloor-Yorkville

Dr. Wong Glow Medi Spa
Dr. Wong of Glow Medi Spa

Bloor-Yorkville is home to leaders and innovators in every industry, and Dr. Wong of Glow Medi Spa is no exception! Having recently been awarded the Business of the Year Award from the Small and Mighty Summit and the Top Medi Spa in Canada from Leading Spas of Canada for the second year in a row, her vision to provide clients with medical-grade, customized skincare is a winning combination in the neighbourhood. Discussing everything from the latest treatments, the most important skincare investments, and life as a female entrepreneur, Dr. Wong gives us a detailed look into the fascinating world of medical esthetics.

Medical Grade Treatment

When it comes to standing out from the crowd, Glow Medi sets itself apart with its true medical foundation. Originally trained as a General Practitioner, Dr. Wong acts as the Medical Director of the clinic and is supported by a team of nurses. Providing a clinical level of care has allowed her to build a strong reputation within the community, offering patients a unique approach to medical esthetics. With a discerning clientele, the clinic provides 45-minute consultations to every new patient – “It is the most important part. We’ll set a treatment plan, educate our client on their skin and available treatments; we then decide on what is the best approach,” says Dr. Wong. This type of person-specific treatment is part of what Dr. Wong believes has led to their success: “We’ve been able to customize our treatments with quality and by treating each client as an individual.” When it comes to skincare, the team uses advanced technology to view skin conditions underneath the surface layers, allowing for highly-specific treatments.

Glow Medi Spa at Home in Bloor-Yorkville

With two other locations in the GTA, Bloor-Yorkville remains the flagship location of award-winning Medi Spa. Appreciating the unique relationship between the clinic and patients, Dr. Wong credits the Yorkville clientele as remaining curious about the latest technologies and always wanting to take their treatments to the next level. While not willing to jump on every new trend, Dr. Wong listens to what patients want and critically evaluates the safety and efficacy of new treatments as they become available. Glow Medi Spa Reception

I love Bloor-Yorkville because it draws a very discerning crowd; the clients that come here are looking for quality … the clinic and the Bloor-Yorkville community grow together.

Our clients become very close to us and we’ve seen some of them for 10-15 years!

Deciding when to spend or save with skincare is always tricky. Dr. Wong says the “bread and butter” of your skincare routine should be a daily SPF and a Vitamin C serum. When looking for products, sourcing medical grade brands ensures specific regulations have been met in regards to ingredients and the percentage of active ingredients.

Technology and Esthetics

When it comes to medical esthetics, major advancements tend to come every 5-7 years. The latest breakthrough is with a technology called SculpSure, which is a permanent fat reduction treatment using a laser. SculpSure allows for natural looking contouring with very little downtime and discomfort. Another treatment recently introduced at Glow Medi Spa is PicoSure, which is a fast-acting laser working at 1 trillionth of a second. Using mechanical disruption, PicoSure targets extremely stubborn pigmentation, providing results not previously possible.

Glow Medi Spa loungeIn regards to their recent awards, Dr. Wong says she loves that Glow Medi was recognized for clinical success, but it was incredibly special to be recognized as a businesswoman: “I’ve been learning the business as I grow; my business sense has been to provide the best service to my clients, to make as many people happy with the highest safety standards and client satisfaction.” As a female in the industry, it’s important to Dr. Wong that the team support one another, remaining sensitive to each other’s lives outside the clinic, whether that means caring for children or elderly parents, “We try to be a family to each other, making it a special place to work.”

Congratulations to Dr. Wong and her team for their recent awards and their success in the Bloor-Yorkville community!

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