Your Bloor-Yorkville Guide to Creative At Home Activities

Week 6 of quarantine may feel a bit more like week 600, but we’ve got a few helpful tips for that! If tending to sourdough or nightly Netflix just isn’t cutting it, we’ve come up with a list of creative at-home activities designed to keep your boredom at bay. Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind, let your creative side flourish, or entertain your family, there’s sure to be something for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy.

Your Bloor-Yorkville Guide to Creative At Home Activities

Bring back the Pen-pal

Example of a personalized note written by Laywire's
A note from Laywine’s

In lieu of in-person gatherings, it seems like an appropriate time to embrace the art of written letters and thoughtful cards. If you’re feeling ambitious, perhaps try your hand (pun intended) at calligraphy! We can’t think of a better time to reach out to your friends and loved ones. Plus, Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and we imagine receiving a handwritten note would be much appreciated. Laywine’s offers an online shop with art supplies, calligraphy tools, unique greeting cards, craft supplies and more. The options for letting your creative side flourish are endless.

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Be Your Own Picasso:

A far cry from your typical colouring book, these elaborate drawings will easily capitalize on hours of your time, providing a calming way to wind down. There are many options to hold your attention, from intricate animal kingdoms, to fashion-forward themes, and even instructional/learning based books. The fine lines will test your attention to detail while providing a satisfying sense of accomplishment!

Adult Colouring Books at Indigo

Exterior image of the Toronto Public Library Yorkville Branch
Toronto Public Library Yorkville Branch

Expand Your Library

No library card? Not a problem. While the Toronto Public Library Yorkville Branch may be closed, you can now access OverDrive, Toronto Public Library’s largest collection of ebooks and audiobooks. Using campaign code TPL2020, users can sign up for an Instant Digital Card unlocking endless literary entertainment. Along with thousands of ebooks and audiobooks, users can access collections for children and teens, small collections in French, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese, as well as nearly 3000 streaming videos. Each user can borrow up to 30 items at a time.

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Explore New Hobbies

Catering to nearly every type of entertainment seeker, Game and Hobby Zone is where you’ll find all the classics, the latest board games, and plenty of puzzles to help keep your household occupied. While Game and Hobby Zone doesn’t have an online store, they are offering online shopping through Facebook messenger and via email. Offering both curbside delivery and pickup, their team will help set you up with everything from games, puzzles, and even model sets. If you aren’t sure what exactly you’re looking for, feel free to reach out for ideas!

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Bring Master Chef Home

An image of Torte di Olio d’Oliva available from Eataly
Torte di Olio d’Oliva from Eataly

Eataly is helping recreate the restaurant experience at home! Their team recently published an article featuring recipes for four classic pasta dishes, each utilizing pantry staples. Of course, should your pantry be void of any necessary items, their team also recently launched grocery delivery, so you can stock up on the essentials and possibly a few treats for dessert. Whether you’re looking for some #MeTime in the kitchen or a fun way to incorporate the whole family, now is your chance to channel your inner chef. With four different recipes up for grabs, perhaps you could embark on some friendly household competition

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Visit Koerner Hall

Mesmerizing in its beauty and acoustics, a night at Koerner Hall is always unforgettable. While at home, you can relive past performances or experience them for the first time. With their new “Live From Koerner Hall Concert Livestream,” previously recorded performances are available to watch in full. The shows date back to 2015 and feature everything from orchestra performances to trios, quartets, and soloists.

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