LISS GALLERY Presents: Stickman


LISS GALLERY Presents: Stickman
September 5th – October 5th

Artist Appearance September 23rd

LISS Gallery presents Stickman exhibit from September 5th – October 5th with an artist appearance on September 23rd from 1pm – 3 pm and 6 pm – 10 pm. If you would like to attend, please email For more information please visit Liss Gallery.

Artist Information

Trevor “Stickman’ Stickel specializes in musically based artwork that captures legendary moments, powerful ideas and raw emotion. His work is described as gritty-yet-fresh, complex-yet-simple.

Graduating from a Jekyll and Hyde influence early in his career, in which he divided his time between family portraits and design work on helmets and Harleys, Trevor had the epiphany to combine both styles while reading According to the Rolling Stones. Two weeks later he finished his first canvas portrait of Mick Jagger, which thrust him into a different realm of the art world. He aptly titled it “Please allow me to introduce myself”.


The idea or “mission” behind Stickman’s artwork is to create an artistic tribute to the music and musicians that have had tremendous impact on him and many others. Historically, these tributes would have been limited to photos/posters that adorned the bedroom walls of teenagers and dorm rooms throughout adolescence. Stickman aims to create a style of art that brings these iconic figures back into our lives, and in a manner that adults can display proudly in their homes.