Lululemon x Strava Challenge

lululemon celebrates global run day

Lululemon is partnering with Strava on Global Run Day to keep you moving!


What is the lululemon GRD Challenge: Running is an invitation to whatever you need it to be. What will you find when you head out this Global Running Day? 10 miles? 10 minutes? The distance and pace don’t matter. Just get out there and take what you need—a deep breath, a moment of connection, or that sweet feeling of accomplishment. ​

  • Sign up to run, wheel, or walk for at least 10 minutes with participants around the world. ​
  • Connect with lululemon on social as they share stories about what running has invited into their running ambassadors’ lives—as well as a healthy dose of inspiration. Let’s do this. 

When: Wed June 2 (registration opens Wed May 26)

When you sign up, you’ll see all the other participants, keeping you connected and motivated during this difficult time. Registration opens May 26th with the challenge taking place June 2nd. Participants can sign up online.

Contact Info:

Lululemon Bloor-Yorkville
153 Cumberland Street