Mindset Brain Gym: Open House 1 Year Anniversary Party

Mindset Brain Gym celebrates 1 year anniversary with free classes

Have you been curious to finally try out what MINDSET Brain Gym all about? For their 1-year anniversary in Bloor-Yorkville, they’re opening up the studio doors to everyone. Expect free, incredible experiences all afternoon & evening.

Sunday, August 18th from 2pm til 7pm
Donations welcome in support of the Baycrest Foundation



Power Breath with Steve Beattie, 2pm-3pm
Experience our energizing “HIIT meditation” and unleash the power of your breath.

Sound Meditation with Ruthann Clayton, 3pm-4:30pm
Treat yourself to a spa session for your brain with live quartz bowls & drums.

Mind Detox with Jennifer Mansell, 4:30pm-6pm
Release your emotions and anxieties in this rejuvenating breathwork class.

Mindfulness 101 with Sean Finnell & Sarah Kraftchuk, 6pm-7pm
Learn the basics & neuroscience of meditation and why you need it in your life.


To reserve your spot please visit the Mindset Brain Gym sign-up page.