OCAD University Artist Showcase


OCAD University Artist Showcase presented by Colliers Real Estate Management Services. 

Colliers is a proud supporter of the arts and is committed to making art accessible to everyone, starting with those who work in Colliers managed properties. OCAD University is the largest and most comprehensive art, design and media university in Canada.


The emerging artists featured here are noted for their standout skills and dedication, their work has been specifically chosen for this showcase. This gallery is part of a larger plan to showcase works by emerging local artists throughout 2020 at 150 Bloor St. West. 

Ahlena Sultana-McGarry 

A Pakistani-Canadian cross-disciplinary artist who visually explores diaspora and her own multiracial identity.

Working digitally, she creates fragmented and organically abstract collages using family archival photographs of her homeland, fabrics, colours, and images of her mother.

Donny Nie 

Her paintings and prints underline the exhaustion and exuberance of overwhelming possibilities in mundanity. The artworks reference sensations and processes of consuming food to embody a continuous and subtle shaping of an individual through the accumulative effect of an innocent routine.




Shlomi Amiga 

A documentary and street photographer based in Toronto. His inspiration and approach to photography are mainly derived from his interest in people and the human condition. His work is often process-driven yet documentary in execution, and explores issues of identity and cultural nuances.

Ron Siu 

Working primarily in painting, printmaking and mixed-media approaches, Siu’s work explores contemporary feelings of desire through overtly Romantic themes and excessively decorative motifs.
He draws on a wide range of influences, from decorative art movements like Art Nouveau to gay Romance-themed Japanese graphic novels.