ROM Free on Canada Day!


ROM invites all to enjoy the entire Museum Free on Canada Day
No ticket required and guests will receive full Museum access including all current special exhibitions.
Saturday, July 1, 2023

For visitors seeking to celebrate Canadian craft and design excellence, feature exhibition Canadian Modern, offers a new perspective on this rich legacy by presenting 100 innovative and iconic examples from ROM collections – from fashion to electronics to furniture.

Included for free on Canada Day are two regularly surcharged exhibitions. The ferocious exhibition T.rex: The Ultimate PredatorT.rex offers thrills for fans of the most feared and celebrated dinosaur through 40 models and casts, interactive displays, an impressive fossil T. rex skull and examples of Canadian-discovered tyrannosaur fossil specimens. This hit exhibition is from the American Museum of Natural History and presented by Desjardins Group. Also free is Being and Belonging, which showcases 25 globally renowned and emerging contemporary women artists presenting perspectives from the Islamic world and beyond. Please note entry to exhibitions is based on hourly capacity limits.

Visitors will also enjoy the exhibitions:

  • TUSARNITUT! Music Born of the Cold, invites visitors to discover the breadth and diversity of Inuit musical expression, through art, drum dancing and throat singing.
  • And Noelle Hamlyn: Lifers, an art installation featuring 20 repurposed and retailored life jackets, hand-crafted by the artist from reclaimed and discarded garments to draw attention to fashion’s role in the current environmental crisis.

ROM opens at 10:00 am and closes at 5:30 pm on Saturday, July 1. Last admission at 5:00 pm. Visitors to enter via the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal entrance on Bloor Street West.


Canada Day free admission and Free Main Floor access initiatives are generously supported by the Temerty Foundation.