Rundi Phelan – Free Fall Exhibit

Free Fall exhibit

Explore Rundi Phelan’s Free Fall exhibit at Yorkville Village. Browse her unique pieces now until September.

Rundi’s Inspiration:

“Flowers offer us beauty & insight into the natural world that we inhabit. They bud, bloom, seed, decay, & then return to the earth. We use flowers to celebrate love, birth, marriage and death. I feel that flowers are a metaphor for our own life journeys on this planet. Often my paintings include, drips and splashes illustrating the challenges of painting and also of living.

Flowers often evoke memories. My paintings have a vintage tone and nod to the past. They also have a contemporary feel with the use of spray paint, which is influenced by street and punk art.

I love flowers to decorate our living spaces with their colours, shapes, and fragrance. They wake up our senses and punctuate our spaces. I am inspired by the interesting colour palettes of nature. Flowers encourage us to stop & smell the roses, you know they don’t last long. Flowers represent passion- let the flowers within each of us blossom!”

– Rundi Phelan

Shop & discover the Free Fall exhibit in The Fix (lower level across from Whole Foods) at Yorkville Village until September.
55 Avenue Road