SMASH: Between Worlds


SMASH: Between Worlds
Gardiner Museum, 111 Queen’s Park
May 30, 2024
8:00 pm – midnight


SMASH is a night when the next generation of artists, arts enthusiasts, and cultural philanthropists come together to celebrate our city’s vibrant arts community.

Between Worlds

This year, SMASH: Between Worlds invites you to explore the boundaries between states, parallel worlds, and altered realities through mind-bending installations, art, fashion, food, drinks, music, and more. Guests will also have access to the Gardiner’s annual International Ceramic Art Fair, presenting some of the most compelling contemporary work in the medium of clay.

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Installations by:

Briony Douglas
Briony Douglas is a multi-talented artist from Ontario, who has made a name for herself with her captivating sculptures, art installations, and photography. Her unique style blends sustainability and advocacy, shown through surrealism and pop culture inspiration. Briony has photographed the Clintons, Oprah, and Jennifer Lawrence, and uses her lens to tell a story, creating unique pieces of art through every frame. Briony’s work evokes curiosity, sparks conversation, and encourages connections, while challenging our perception of the world and ourselves.

Gunnar Floral

Jaime McCuaig of GUNNAR Floral is an artist whose creative practice engages with the living world of plants and flowers, processes of growth, and the ephemerality of seasons. Inspired by the intersection of manufactured landscapes and true wilderness, GUNNAR confronts its urban audience with an opportunity to see the natural world in new ways.

Arnie Guha

Arnie Guha, Chief Innovation Officer at Phase5, is the multidisciplinary creative behind Acid4Yuppies, which focuses on experiential art works—from illuminated light boxes and electric murals, to psychedelics-inspired scarves and fine art prints. Guha’s ‘trippy’ works are complemented by an extensive body of minimalistic photography and portraiture. From vivid colours to subdued hues, Guha’s practice explores both realms of the visual experience from extreme intensity to soft suggestion.


Peggy is the social marketplace for discovering, buying and selling contemporary art. Peggy provides essential technology for fine art, expanding the opportunity for more people to build and grow an art collection. The Peggy-designed Digital Fingerprint uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a unique identity for paintings, enabling transaction security, provenance transparency and artist royalties on primary and secondary sales. Peggy is trusted by artists who have shown at the Venice Biennale, Centre Pompidou, MOCA Geffen, and Louvre Abu Dhabi. Peggy is the secure way into the world of art.

Entertainment by

DJ Jayemkayem

Jayemkayem is a DJ, music producer and community organizer. Born in England and raised in Hong Kong, Jayem is a well established nightlife staple in Toronto and all around Canada, renowned for genre-hopping sets and crowd-pleasing sensibilities. Her transcontinental upbringing fostered a sense of curiosity that she explores as both a creator and curator of music. She pours her love of connection and creativity into everything she does—from her independent label Bare Selection, which champions underground music from Canada and the UK; ISO Radio, the community radio station she co-founded in 2019; her electrifying mixes as an official Apple Music mix curator; and more recently her original music productions, both as a solo artist and alongside her partner Freeza Chin.