The Japan Foundation: 29th Annual Katari Japanese Storytelling Festival


The Japan Foundation: 29th Annual Katari Japanese Storytelling Festival
– After Every Storm Comes a Rainbow –

Step into a world of enchanting Japanese tales at our traditional storytelling event, celebrating Japanese culture through captivating narratives, folk songs, and musical performances!

Although the pandemic prevented us from holding in-person events for the past five years, Katari has evolved into a cherished tradition, spreading Japanese folklore, creativity, and language to the diverse communities of Canada. The Katari Japanese Storytellers’ programme showcases family-friendly traditional Japanese stories in English. This year’s theme, “After every storm comes a rainbow” (「待てば海路の日和あり」) promises a celebration of resilience, hope, and the triumph of positivity in the face of challenges.

Audience: General (6 yrs old and above)

Admission: Free (RSVP required)

Wheelchair Accessibility: Yes

Venue: The Japan Foundation, Toronto. 2 Bloor St. East, 3rd Floor



  1. 「座敷わらし」菊池幸工 / Tatami Room Boy by Koko Kikuchi
  2. 「山姥(やまんば)」田中裕介 / Mountain Woman by Yusuke Tanaka
  3. 「さくらさくら」唄:白藤青湖 / Song Sakura Sakura by Seiko Shirafuji
    「春の海」琴:藤井愛子/ Koto solo The Spring Ocean by Aiko Fujii

    -休憩- Intermission *

  4.  グループ 弥栄 による民謡演奏 / Folk song performance by the group Iyasaka
    「こきりこ節」/ Kokiriko-bushi
    「津軽甚句」/ Tsugaru Jinku
    唄と小太鼓:秦佐千子 / Vocal & Framedrum by Sachiko Hata,
    津軽三味線と尺八:Gerry McGoldrick /Tsugaru-shamisen & Shakuhachi by Gerry McGoldrick,
    津軽三味線:Martin Posen / Tsugaru-shamisen by Martin Posen
  5. 「浦島太郎」森俊樹 / Urashima Taro by Toshiki Mori
  6. 「無手勝流」梅沢ルイ / The Art of Fighting Without Fighting by Rui Umezawa

    *JFT Library is open from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm to the public on Saturday, March 23. Feel free to explore our physical collection, with complimentary tea! Apply for a new JFT library card or renew your expired card here.

For more information please visit the official event website online here.