Transformative Chic – The Everlasting Cheongsam Exhibition

transformative chic

Cheongsam is one of the most fascinating Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) entities found in Hong Kong. Also known as “qipao”, cheongsam is originated from the traditional Manchu costume which was introduced to China nation-wide after the establishment of the Qing dynasty. Cheongsam has been modified over generations, and it is still evolving in Hong Kong in the good hands of different contemporary designers.

With the participation of 9 Hong Kong renowned designers, this exhibition serves as a window to give the viewers a glance of the unique charm and transformative nature of cheongsam – an ICH entity and a symbol of the culturally rich city of Hong Kong. It is also a showcase of the creativity of Hong Kong fashion designers who have revitalized this “timeless” cultural icon and make it relevant to the contemporary world. Not only has cheongsam survived the history, but has continued to become the trendy fashion of our daily life in Hong Kong and across the globe.

The 9 Hong Kong designers, namely Grace Choi, Janko Lam, Kenny Li, Mary Yu, Mountain Yam, Polly Ho, Ranee Kok, Blind by JW and Cantosoul (Jasmine Cheung) will showcase their endless inspirations of innovative designs cheongsams at the exhibitions.

The “Transformative Chic” cheongsam exhibition is organized by Hong Kong Arts CentreHong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto), and The Chinese Canadian Photographic Society of Toronto, along with venue support by Haw Par Music.

Discover the exhibition virtually until June 30, by visiting