Get Detoxed & Dazzling with a Personal Make-Up Artist for the Holidays

The holidays, while a fantastic time of year, bring a unique set of challenges: full social event calendars, more than a few holiday happy hours, and a lot less sleep than usual. All of this can leave us feeling run down by the New Year. The concept of “detoxing” during the holidays seems next to impossible, but the detox market helps ease the overindulgence of the season. With their in-studio makeup sessions, not only will they help you run from the office to a post-work party, they offer only the safest, non-toxic, beauty products on the market.

With its home on the particularly charming Scollard Street, the detox market is a unique piece of the beauty puzzle in the Bloor-Yorkville community. Offering lifestyle, hair, skincare, and beauty products that are void of known toxic ingredients, you can find products you truly feel good about using.

In-Studio Make-Up Sessions

The make-up application sessions can be either 30 or 60 minutes and are tailored to your needs. Recently experiencing the 60-minute session, I’ve discovered that this service is a stress-free way to take on the holidays.

If you’re running on a tight schedule, you can book a 30-minute session – your artist will tailor their focus with perhaps a dramatic eye or a strong cheek and a bold lip. This option is a time-efficient way to feel refreshed and ready for a night out after a long day.

The 60-minute session includes a pre-appointment phone call to discuss your preferences and any concerns you might have. Once you arrive, you’ll be treated to a fresh pot of tea and your artist will complete a full application from skin, lips, eyes, and brows. After the appointment, you’ll receive a follow-up email outlining all the products used, as well as 10% off all purchases for one month after the service. During both appointment options, you’ll learn plenty of tips and application ideas, helping you streamline your beauty routine.

Holiday Beauty

For the holidays, make-up artist Jenna Miller says the trend has shifted from a standard smoky-eye to focus on things like dewy skin, a subtle highlight, and a bold lip. This lends itself well to a busy schedule; instead of creating a whole new look while leaving the office, you can add something simple like a darker lip or perhaps a bit more blush and highlight.

With its home in Bloor-Yorkville since 2014, Jenna notes that the abundance of salons and boutiques along Scollard St. allows clients to discover the detox market in between hair or skincare appointments.

“Bloor-Yorkville is a beautiful neighborhood for us to be in and Scollard Street, in particular, is like a self-care street.”

Being in the Bloor-Yorkville community lends itself to building long-lasting relationships with clientele. Laura Townsend, the Director of Marketing, notes that

“As a very health conscious and wellness-minded community, Bloor-Yorkville has welcomed us with open arms since day one!” 

With its calming atmosphere, passionate staff, and detox-approved beauty products, booking a make-up session is a fantastic way to treat yourself during the holiday season – or treat a loved one! You can explore their offerings and visit the team at 96 Scollard St.