Goldstruck – Where the coffee is RICH!

Bloor-Yorkville certainly struck gold a few years ago when a new coffeehouse opened adjacent to the Village of Yorkville Park. Since then, local coffee-lovers and visitors alike have filled the café to warm their bellies with the “liquid gold” that Goldstruck promises to deliver.

Located at 130 Cumberland Street, Goldstruck is a unique café, in Bloor-Yorkville, with a menu that boasts an abundance of organic products from organic milk, organic chocolate powder to freshly roasted organic coffees. In fact, their beans are so fresh, that they are not stored more than 72 hours.

The theme of the café is based on their name. Everywhere you look, you think of gold. Mining for gold, looking at gold, drinking gold. Oil might be known as Texas Tea, but here at Goldstruck, you will be delighted in a beverage that gives you a warm and rich feeling.

The aroma of coffee and baked goods greets you, upon entering. “We bake our pastries and cookies every morning to ensure that our customers will get the freshest baked goods possible,” says Goldstruck manager Joy Pae.

“If you want to taste our wonderful coffee in the morning, try our Ethiopian drip. It has a fruity and full bodied flavour.” I give it a try, and it certainly is a great way to start the day!

“Vanilla Raf is the most popular drink at our café,” Joy noted. “It’s a vanilla latte with a cream base. Our specialty coffee is a Halva Latte. Halva is a Middle Eastern dessert made with sunflower seeds and honey. Our Halva Latte has hazelnut syrup for a delicious combination of flavour.”

My favourite is the Cayenne Latte, which is comprised of organic chocolate powder and a bit of cayenne, for an extra kick. It definitely perks me up in the afternoon.

If coffee isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other items on the menu to choose from. They have fresh juice, smoothies, Greek yogurt with granola, and, of course, there is the case of mouth-watering pastries to entice your taste buds.

Drop by Goldstruck and take your coffee across the street to the Village of Yorkville Park. Ask for it on ice, and enjoy the last few weeks of summer, with an icy-cold cup of liquid gold.