Gucci x Balenciaga “Hacker Project” Comes to Bloor-Yorkville!

If you’ve been following international fashion weeks, you’ll know high-fashion mash-ups and unexpected collaborations are the talk of the season. Perhaps the most monumental of them all is the “Hacker Project” brought to us by Gucci and Balenciaga. In the surprise move, the two brands have put all high-fashion rivalries aside to create limited edition clothing and accessories, all of which have been “hacked” with the opposing design house’ aesthetic. In this re-imagined world, Gucci’s iconic G’s have become interlocking B’s, while other pieces reflect a more graffiti aesthetic with phrases such as “This is Not A Gucci Bag” spray painted over the products.

image c/o Gucci


Those looking to get in on this of-the-moment piece of fashion history don’t need to look any further than Bloor-Yorkville! Our fashion-filled neighbourhood is the destination of choice for Toronto’s only standalone Hacker Project location! As of this week, the Hacker Project has officially opened its doors at 92 Yorkville Ave. From now until January 15th, guests can explore the newly designed space, while discovering specific pieces form the collection that aren’t available elsewhere. The Bloor-Yorkville space includes both the collaboration pieces as well as an entire floor dedicated exclusively to Balenciaga’s latest collection.

The opening comes just in time for the holidays, so if you’re putting together your shopping lists, you’ll definitely want to add this to your itinerary.