Brenton & Co

Brenton & Co was founded by Ira Brenton and Tony Tran, who met through their mutual work and collaborations in the bespoke garment industry. Whilst Brenton focused on the look and feel of the garments, Tran brought the desire to bring handmade British tailoring and the traditional Savile Row Method back to the cutting edge of Suiting.

This partnership, has ensured that the Brenton & Co. tailoring house has become on of the most sought after suiting destinations across North America. Since its establishment, the company has opened a handmade bespoke workshop and a tailor house in the iconic Yorkville neighborhood of Toronto, Canada. Each also consult for made to measure and bespoke tailor shops across North America while lending their tailoring/design expertise to television and film productions.

Address126 Cumberland St, Toronto
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