Hero’s Barbershop

Welcome to Hero’s Barbershop, where identity, elegance, and confidence converge. At our barbershop, we understand the impact of our craft – we create transformative experiences for our valued clients, as we want to take part in assisting them to achieve their highest potential by guiding them along their grooming journey. With a team of skilled barbers, led by the visionary Hratch Kuyumjian, we take pride in blending modern techniques with time-honored traditions.

From humble beginnings in Lebanon, Hratch started as a junior barber at a local barbershop and worked his way up. After over 25 years of experience and recognition from world-renowned top-tier Hair & Grooming Companies, Hratch understood the value he could add in the barbering industry, and in 2019, Hero’s Barbershop first opened its doors.

Born from a deep passion for grooming and a relentless desire to break free from the norm.

Address38 Avenue Rd, Toronto
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