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Jérôme Scullino’s journey as a photographer began at age 11 in his hometown in France, when a school assignment captured his imagination. His route was not a traditional one, however, and lead him to travel the world. It was in Canada where Jérôme met his wife and muse, Nisha. Despite Jérôme’s initial doubts that photography could be a viable career, and with Nisha’s support, Jérôme started his own photography company in 2002 and has never looked back. It wasn’t until 2007, however, that Jérôme’s true vision for his business began to take shape. “In 2007, which was definitely a pivotal time in my artistic life, I did my first major fine art exhibits, and that really turned things around for me,” said Scullino. Les Invisibles, a vernissage of the elders of Collioure, France, was unveiled by the town’s mayor and captured the cultural richness and potential of Collioure’s elderly. The fine art exhibition inspired and motivated Jérôme to strive for more from himself as an artist. “It gave me kind of a push in my confidence, where I felt that I could be good…and I realized I liked doing that art, and so I decided to call my studio Jérôme Photographer… I felt it had more of a fine art feel and it was very personal.”

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