Mogouyan Noodles

Dating back to the Qing Dynasty, “Lanzhou hand-pulled beef noodles have become a popular and tasty food in China. For the Chinese, noodle dish is a common and ordinary type of food. It is also very simple to make. However, if you ask what is the true taste of authentic hand-pulled beef noodles, you will find the answer in Lanzhou, a city in the Northwest corner of China. The local people believe that eating just one bowl of hand-pulled beef noodle will allow you to taste the spirit of Lanzhou.

Mogouyan (MGY) is the name of a place located in the heart of Lanzhou city.

MGY hand-pulled beef noodles have more than 40 years of history in the local business with several restaurants. It is also one of the most well- known beef noodle brands in Lanzhou. High-quality MGY hand-pulled beef noodles must include one clear (additive-free soup), two white( favoured radish), three red(chilli oil), four green(fresh parsley & onions) and five yellow (hand-pulled noodles with a variety of dimensions). The uniqueness of MGY noodles lies in our rich & aromatic broth. Boiling the beef for hours with a variety of natural ingredients guarantees the taste of the broth.

In June 2019, MGY noodles has officially arrived in Toronto with experienced chefs and professional management team. We are engaged in bringing the most authentic cuisine to local people and leading the revolution. We hope you enjoy our MGY authentic beef noodles together with our legendary services.

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