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IV (intravenous) therapy is a method for treating nutritional shortcomings and health concerns via safe high doses of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It may help alleviate colds, the flu, arthritis, chronic fatigue and Lyme disease. It is also an option as adjunct cancer support.

IV therapy helps hydrate the body and detoxify your liver and lymphatic system, which may improve the functioning of your body.

This form of therapy may be ideal for those with an aversion to consuming pills or for those with a compromised digestive system. As a compound, IV therapy delivers a treatment directly into the circulatory system; this allows the compound to bypass the stomach and intestines. The body then addresses nutritional issues without side effects (i.e. upset stomach) that may occur from high-dosed oral supplements.

Each visit at the IV Lounge is an in-person co-joint consultation with our naturopathic doctor and our IV Therapy providers nurse practitioner and/or medical doctor. Providing a complete diagnostic and profiling service, which may require blood work; this will help identify possible nutritional deficiencies. In turn, your IV drip is always tailor-made to support your personal health needs.

Please note : All of our IV treatments are referred to our IV Therapy providers (nurse practitioner and/or medical doctor).

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