New on Bloor Street!


Diana Ross made the brand famous in the 80’s when paparazzi spotted her using MCM suitcases on tour. Cindy Crawford caused a stir, as she posed naked, while holding a strategically-placed MCM metal logo. MCM was the “it” tote, known for its brass plate insignia, in the late 80’s and early 90’s, but a dip in the market was in store for them.

MCM on Bloor Street

Founded in Germany, in 1976, by designer Michael Cromer München (MCM), the brand was often compared to Louis Vuitton with its repetitive patterns. Sales spiked in the 80’s, with celebrities and fashionistas toting the heavily branded bags, and by the 1990s, MCM had more than 250 stores across the world. But MCM’s business started to fail, after München was in investigated for alleged tax evasion. The market was full of fakes, and along with it the brand lost its appeal. Thankfully, this slump did not last for long. The brand held strong in South Korea, and Sungjoo Group acquired the business in 2005, bringing the once world-renowned brand back to life. Stores began popping up again worldwide, and we are pleased that they recently found their way to Bloor Street. The brand has certainly been noticeable around the Bloor-Yorkville area, with visitors sporting their rucksacks snugly to the backs.

Check out their new store at 93 Bloor Street.


Fans of Drake have been flocking to recently-opened Moncler at 131 Bloor Street West. Even though his “Hotline Bling” video is now a few year’s old, the red Moncler Maya down puffer jacket, which Drake wore in the video, is still a hot item. The Bloor Street location is the second freestanding boutique in Canada.

Moncler on Bloor Street

Founded in 1952, in Paris, by René Ramillon, Montcler was known for their outdoor sportwear, notably for skiers. In 1968, Moncler was the official supplier of the French national downhill skiing team during the Grenoble Winter Olympics. The brand remained strong, with many integrative changes in their style, including the addition of leather epaulettes for resting the skis on, without damaging the fabric. This genius addition remains a feature of the Moncler jacket today. In 2003, the brand was bought by Remo Ruffini, who created the ever-popular double quilted jacket.

Although our fall was quite warm, winter is on the way and heading to Moncler for your fashionable winter wear should be at the top of your list!

APM Monaco

This upscale Monaco-based jeweler recently opened its first Canadian boutique at 89 Bloor Street West, and is known for their handmade products, with their own manufacturer, ensuring consistency. APM Monaco was founded in 1982 by Ariane Prette, as a jewelry brand specializing in creating traditional gold, diamond and precious stone pieces for other jewelers. In 2011, the Prette family launched the new APM line (standing for Ariane Prette Monaco) that is made from 925 silver, 18-karat plated yellow and pink gold and cultured pearls from freshwater lakes, among other materials. Prices for pieces reportedly average about US $130, ranging between US $60 up to several thousand dollars for premium designs in gold. If you have jewelry on your holiday shopping list, why not pay a visit APM Monaco and delight that special someone with a piece of their own.

apm Monaco on Bloor Street

Strellson – New Location!

Strellson moved down the road from the corner of Avenue Road and Bloor to at 95 Bloor Street West. Check out their new store, with their eye-catching holiday windows!

Strellson at the new location on Bloor Street

Next week, the unveiling of new Hermes at 100 Bloor Street West will take place. Look for pictures on our Social Media pages @BloorYorkville.

Hermes before their grand opening!