Q Max Facial – A Perfect Way to Beat The Winter Blues

Last week, I was invited to try a Q Max Facial at Q Esthetics, located at 24 Bellair Street. Sure, why not? And instead of researching the treatment, I decided to jump in, without any knowledge of what I was getting into. Well, that’s not exactly true, as when I looked up their contact information their slogan, “With Our BEST, You Look and Feel Your BEST!” jumped out at me, and I was convinced that this experience will be worth it!

I was greeted warmly by Kitty Liao, a Medical Consultant for the Yorkville location (which is one of three locations). As I filled out the medical history paperwork, I informed Kitty that I’ve only had a relaxing spa facial, twice in my life. Knowing that this was more medical grade, it was explained that patients don’t come to relax; they come for results. The treatment process also differs from spas, as physicians and nurses perform most procedures. They use only the latest medical grade skincare and cutting-edge techniques such as laser therapy, chemical peels, and injections that are only available from a physician-led clinic. With that in mind, Kitty tells me that a lot of her clientele find the Q Max Facial relaxing.

What is this Q Max facial, you ask? Kitty describes it as their in-house combination facial therapies created by the Q Esthetics team. Starting with a silk peel, which is a new generation of microderm abrasion, using a customized diamond tip that is chosen to suit the client’s skin sensitivity. Kitty notes that traditional microderm abrasion was dry and could be very harsh on the skin. This method uses a wet, dermal infusion serum as it is exfoliating the skin.

“We use either Vitamin C or a serum to treat acne,” says Kitty. We agree that a combination of hydrating and Vitamin C would benefit me most. Perhaps my advanced age, and minimal acne had something to do with the decision.

She goes on to explain, “The equipment is very new (approx. one year) and medical grade. Once the silk peel therapy is completed we move on to the next step, which is light therapy. This a series of led lights, using cold laser instead of the traditional warm. It is effective and gentle.” This will work well on my red face, and I’m promised that I will not leave looking like I spent too long in a suntan booth.

She warns that the light therapy equipment will be close to my face, and notes that it bothers those who suffer from Claustrophobia, or who have sensitivity to flashing lights. I have no issues with the lights, or the closeness of equipment to my face. It was actually comforting enough to allow me to have a quick little siesta.

I wake up from my snooze and I’m offered a mirror. I’m shocked at how supple and smooth my skin looks. My usual redness was gone. I had hoped that all of my wrinkles would disappear as well, but it’s not a magic wand. Something must have changed though, as my daughter asked if I had my eyebrows waxed when I returned home. It might not be a spa treatment, but I left relaxed and happy.

A Quick Q&A about Q Esthetics

What is the story behind Q Esthetics?

Simply put, we are a team of skin care professionals devoted to helping patients realize their skin care goals.  Q Esthetics Laser Clinic has grown exponentially since opening its doors in 2002 and is well known as a leader in comprehensive esthetic skin solutions. We have three reputable clinics and a team of 40 medical professionals including weight loss specialist and best-selling author Dr. Melissa Hershberg, injection beauty expert Dr. David Engelberg – along highly qualified registered nurses and medical consultants.

Why did you choose to move to the Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood?

We made the move from Bay/Dundas to Bay/Bloor three years ago and have not looked back.  We had so many patients traveling to see us, from this area, we thought it would be best to come to them. Our patients are our priority after all. We are so happy to call Bloor-Yorkville our home!

How does Q Esthetics get involved in the neighbourhood?

Day to day we love the shopping and juice bars like anyone else! We’ve also taken part in the Yorkville Exotic Car Show and the TD Toronto Jazz Festival which take place in the neighbourhood. We are all looking forward to Bloor-Yorkville Icefest 2018! We also offer special discounts and a referral program to our neighbours!