Satori Health and Wellness – Celebrating 10 Years in Bloor-Yorkville!

Life in a big city can be stressful. Even here, in beautiful Bloor-Yorkville, the constant buzz and hum can grind you down and drain you by the end of the week. Daily stresses, along with noise and pollution can weigh on your body and more and more people are turning to multi-disciplinary clinics like Satori Health & Wellness to improve their well-being through a blend of alternative and traditional treatments.

satori building

Over five years ago, Darrell Cheung decided to move away from crunching numbers as a chartered accountant and changed paths by taking on the role of life coach. During his accounting days, he had been a client at Satori Health & Wellness, so he came up with a modest proposal to provide his services, as part of their team. He went to approach the clinic owner, but was told instead that Satori was going up for sale. Undeterred, he changed his proposal from modest to bold and he bought the business. Now, five years later, he has grown Satori Health & Wellness into a popular Bloor-Yorkville hotspot for a wide range of health and wellness needs.

Satori Health & Wellness has a very spa-like atmosphere, which is unlike many other clinics. Darrell explains: “The clinic was originally going to have more spa treatments, so it was designed to have a feeling of a spa. Then it was realized that it would be better as a clinic and we brought in health and wellness specialists for all aspects of health. The team consists of a chiropractor, naturopath, acupuncturist, and a team of manual osteopathic practitioners and massage therapists. In fact, we have the most manual osteopathic practitioners in our clinic, more than any other Toronto clinic.”

There are a wide variety of treatments on offer, but for those who are initially overwhelmed, Satori promises: “regardless of which practitioner you visit first, our health team will consult on your case to ensure you receive the best strategy for your health recovery and wellness needs.” Their team works together, using an evidence-informed approach to healthcare which plans out how to get you back to optimal health.


As for life coaching, Darrell is happy to announce that he will be personally adding this service to Satori later this year. Mission accomplished.

Congratulations to Satori Health and Wellness on its tenth year in Bloor-Yorkville!