Your Guide to the Best Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Toronto

Throughout Bloor-Yorkville are not only some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Toronto, but restaurants favouring locally sourced ingredients and extensive gluten-free menus, often regarded as the top restaurants in Toronto. In our neighbourhood, you’ll find these restaurants tucked into various locations, and our guide to your plant-based meals will take you from Bay and Bloor to Critchley Lane, over to Yorkville Village and a few places in-between.  Whether heading out for the night in pursuit of a fancier vegetarian restaurant, pursuing entirely vegan options in Toronto, or perhaps a quick and healthy lunch alternative, we promise Bloor-Yorkville won’t disappoint.

Bloor-Yorkville Guide: Restaurants with Vegetarian Options in Toronto


Generally regarded as one of the best restaurants in Toronto, Planta Yorkville also happens to be entirely vegan. Led by famed chef David Lee, Planta is where you’ll find the most creative vegan options in Toronto. Not willing to sacrifice flavour, Lee and his team embrace the challenge of vegan cooking. “Cooking plant-based foods is very difficult. There are many more components in making a dish, and it can be far more challenging to achieve the textures and flavours that you’re going for.”

Under the same culinary family as both Kasa Moto it’s no surprise that Planta Yorkville exceeds expectations. From coconut ceviche to their cauliflower tots and famous burger (which is so popular it prompted a spinoff Planta Burger location downtown), this is the perfect space to head for a night out. From gold flatware to rose gold accents and bright leaf-print decor, the restaurant is the perfect backdrop for a night out, a celebration, or even a Sunday morning brunch.

Kupfert & Kim:

Kupfurt and Kim Yorkville - best gluten free vegan restaurant Toronto

Kupfert & Kim Yorkville is located right across from the Village of Yorkville Park. The ideal location, paired with the vegan and gluten-free menu, make it the perfect pit stop while you’re out shopping or for a time-out during the work week.

Their concept is a quick-service environment with “delicious, minimally-processed food that is awesome for humans, animals and our planet.” The Kupfert & Kim Bloor-Yorkville menu includes something from every essential category: smoothies, smoothie bowls, all day breakfast, toasts, salads, and even chili and curry.  Plus, there’s a variety of health-conscious baked goods, plus the always-necessary espresso, and teas. So, whether shopping is your cardio and you’re ready for a time-out or you’ve spent the morning at Barry’s next door, there’s no shortage of options to refuel either in the plant-filled indoor space, the patio, or amongst the crabapple trees in the park.

Bespoke Smoothie+Wellness Bar:

If you want a no-nonsense smoothie, Bespoke Smoothie+Wellness Bar is your number one option for a nutrient-dense smoothie that makes for an honest meal.  Bespoke Smoothie Bar uses no added sugars in their recipes, focusing solely on ingredients that will help fuel your day, keep you full, and prevent any blood sugar crashes. Each recipe is available as vegan or non-vegan and can include add-ons like extra multivitamins or collagen.


A beloved lunch and dinner spot for Indian vegetarian food in Toronto (though not exclusively vegetarian), Utsav offers high quality and authentic dishes at a fantastic price-point. Described by the owners as “Yorkville’s Festival of Indian Cuisine,” the chefs prepare fresh spices every day, lending a “distinct flavor and aroma to each dish.” The menu is extensive with a variety of mains, daily specials, appetizers, and curries, making Utsav a great choice for pleasing a variety of eaters with varying dietary restrictions.

Esther Queen of Soups

Perhaps the most hidden gem on this list is none other than Esther, who really is the Queen of Soups! Located on the main floor of Cumberland Terrance, towards the Yonge Street end of the building, is a classic Bloor-Yorkville lunch spot. Esther and her team make fresh, homemade soups every day, free of dairy and gluten. With a number of vegan options on the menu, Esther will often get creative and serve you a mix of flavours. Served with a side of pre-buttered toast, a meal from Esther feels like the closest thing to homemade lunch. They also offer samosas and baked veggie rolls if you’re looking for a little something extra. Coming in at around $7 for a large soup and $4 for a small, you really can’t beat the quality or price point of these on-the-go lunches.

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