Changing the Co-Worker Landscape with Workplace One


Traditional office spaces have become an ever-changing landscape, with co-working spaces rising to the challenge of securing highly coveted space within the city. Once associated more closely with tech companies and entirely open-concept spaces, work-share offices have evolved into unique, neighbourhood-specific spaces with a barrage of enviable office perks. At Workplace One, functionality, comfort, and the needs of its varying members truly come first. We recently visited the 77 Bloor St .West location and were impressed by the attention to detail displayed by the Toronto-owned company.

“The Bloor-Yorkville location features 5 high-end lounge spaces, two spacious private phone rooms, a designer-finished eat-in kitchen, 3 boardrooms and more. Our design style is elevated and refined, catering to the mature and youthful professional.”


Immediately apparent are the larger-than-average individual office sizes: an intentional choice by the Workplace One team who keep the offices large, but the overall location sizes “boutique” in nature. This structure allows their team to offer the highest level of service to the tenants (who at the Bloor Street location range from corporate professionals to start-up business owners). The Bloor-Yorkville location is designed to look and feel like a more traditional office space – with a Community Manager working at the front reception, dedicated private offices, board rooms, and a well-designed kitchen area. The individual offices are also customizable in size so as a business grows, they can expand their square footage. Additionally, if a team expands to new locations, the office sizes can be reduced as needed.

Three board rooms are located in the space, each providing a contemporary and professional look and feel. These rooms can be booked by the hour or full day and provide appropriate space for a brainstorm session to a full-scale presentation. The sizes vary from 4, 6, to 14 seats with equipment offerings including wireless charging stations to LCD TVs, whiteboards, and AV capabilities.

Throughout the space are cozy lounges which boast inviting furniture, inspiring views of the Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood and respite from one’s desk – without having to brave the outdoors. The “phone-booth” style rooms for those working in the open concept area provide privacy but also enough space to bring one’s laptop or notebooks, marking yet another thoughtful aspect of the Workplace One environment.

In a growing era of isolated work environments, it’s clear that the Workplace One office provides privacy and essential business needs, but lends a unique angle to solitary work environments: the ability to connect, collaborate, and build new relationships. The Community Manager is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to each of the businesses working out of the office, connecting those who may benefit from working together on a project or require the services of one of their office-mates. This provides not only unique networking potential but also a refreshing social opportunity which is often lost when working from home or in more isolated office environments.

While providing a beautiful space in the middle of Bloor-Yorkville, they’ve also managed to create a well laid out environment conducive to any business-type. Whether you’re a one-person small business, a creative startup, or corporate entity, the attention to functionality merged with aesthetics makes Workplace One an office we imagine just about anyone would appreciate.



Please visit their website for more information or call the Bloor-Yorkville team at 416.645.7035.

Workplace One is located at 77 Bloor St. West on the 6th floor.